Top 5 Places in Palawan for Nature Lovers

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By Carmela Alvarez of 'Let's Palawan'.

The island of Palawan is a world-renowned travel destination in the Philippines. Being one of the largest islands in the country, it has been blessed with pristine beaches, crystal waters and an abundance of flora and fauna.

Although Palawan’s beach scenes are remarkable as they are, the island offers more than just its shade-giving palm trees and wide sandbars. To prove that this island paradise has more up its sleeves than just its coastline exhibits, here are the top 5 places in Palawan for nature lovers.

1.       Maquinit Hot Springs - Located in Coron, Palawan, Maquinit Hot Springs is nature’s very own hot tub. It is surrounded by the lush greens of the mangrove forest and the open sea, adding up to the already soothing atmosphere of this natural jacuzzi. The warmth of the springs provides comfort to anyone seeking quiet relaxation. After engaging in a tough hike to Mt. Tapyas, to recline in this natural sauna would be a treat to your aching body and sore muscles.


2.       Mangrove Forests - This mesmerizing site of the mangrove forests in Palawan is located at Sabang, Puerto Princesa. The place is wrapped in serenity and tranquility, with only the natural echoes of the animals and the water making sound.

A paddle boat tour to the Mangrove Forest is a calming and fascinating adventure for those who would love to explore the deep greens. The 45-minute-to-an-hour boat ride becomes even more interesting with the stories and details imparted by the local tour guides about the mangrove forests.

3.       Mt. Tapyas - Mt. Tapyas is considered the 2nd highest peak in Coron. The mountain grants an amazing view of the small, peaceful town below. The journey to the top might not be that easy, but the destination is certainly worth it! Even though the climb to the summit might be back-breaking at some point, you can always have in-between breaks during the trek and enjoy the beautiful scenery before your eyes. Fresh air, magnificent panorama -- it is truly a hiking adventure worth every sweat.

4.       View Decks - Fresh air and stunning vistas, hiking to the top of the view decks in Palawan offer the perfect opportunity for those beautiful aerial shots. The island has a number of towering cliffs and mountain peaks that showcase those overlooking island views. Apart from Mt. Tapyas in Coron, Taraw Cliff in El Nido also offers the best bird’s-eye view of the island. These may not be the adventures for the faint of heart, but if you can endure the exhilarating expedition, why miss it?

5.       Hillsides - At just the right vantage point, these hillsides of Palawan tender stunning seascapes from around the island. If you don’t wish to venture on strenuous exploits to the summits and peaks of the mountains and the cliffs, you can always opt for the more agreeable option: hiking on the hillsides. For instance, trekking to the Nacpan Beach hillside in El Nido will provide you a breathtaking view of Palawan’s twin Beaches: Nacpan and Calitang. The unique land formation formed by these two coastlines is a site to see!

Although Palawan is acclaimed for it beaches, it can’t be argued that this island paradise has more than just these to reveal. The towering cliffs, hot springs, and mangrove forests are just few of the many natural wonders that the island has. If you yearn to have a vacation where you get to experience a variety of adventures during your trip, Palawan is definitely for you.

Carmela Alvarez is an editor/customer service representative of 'Let's Palawan'. She's a 20-something bubbly and adventurous female who loves to take selfies. Her aim is to share her travel experience and inspire fellow travelers.

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