Top Tips and Reminders when in Palawan

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Planning for a hassle-free vacation doesn’t end at air and land arrangements. You should also plan what to wear to avoid any stress while you’re on vacation

Following is a list of what you must consider packing when you’re going to Palawan.
  1. Palawan is a tropical island with very warm weather. Light casual clothes are always good to wear. Shorts and shirts are the prevailing wardrobe of touring visitors in Palawan.
  2. Bring light summer dresses or casual shorts and shirts for males. They are perfect for breakfast and dinners whether inside the hotel or restaurants within the city limits.
  3. Unless you’re going to sleep and camp in one of the mountains, it’s unlikely the nights will get chilly during the summer months, so you can forego with any kind of coverings except the ones that look beautiful when paired with a swimsuit.
  4. For city tours, any casual wear will do. You don’t have to wear jeans unless you prefer to. A hat and sunglasses are also advisable, along with heavy layers of SPF50 lotion.
  5. Sandals are absolutely acceptable and can be worn at any establishment. Opt for a comfortable pair in case you have to trek through mountainous terrains, as in the hidden lakes of Coron.
  6. Swimsuits, swimsuits and more swimsuits.

Some Useful Tips and Reminders:

  1. Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera as you’ll likely want to capture the underwater sceneries.
  2. Bring an emergency kit with you. You’ll never know when you will need one.
  3. Since you’re going to want to swim and snorkel in the picturesque islands you’re going to visit, it’s best to wear a swimsuit underneath shorts and a shirt so you don’t have to go sight-seeing with a heavy bag.
  4. Always bring a change of clothes if you’re fastidious about going back to the hotel looking wet to the skin after a visit in an island. Otherwise, choose shirts that dry easily.
  5. Bring a spray-on insect-repellant to beat off mosquitoes. This is especially helpful when you’re going to visit the Underground River.
  6. The Subterranean Underground River sits in total darkness, so why not bring your own flashlight and feast your eyes on anything you can aim your torch on, instead of sharing provided flashlights with the person sitting next to you and share his flash-lighted view of the cave as well.
  7. Consider carrying a bottle of water all the time. It may prove useful when the heat from the sun is scorching.
  8. Bring cash. You probably have better chance of seeing a whale shark right on the shore than seeing an ATM in the islands.

Finally, know that the temperature in the summer can go as high as 33 degree Celsius with only the sea breeze for your refuge until it’s time to retreat to your hotel room. Just picture that in your mind if you’re ever in doubt of what to wear in the island.
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